Friday, April 13, 2007


Libertarian Talk at it's Best! A libertarian podcast.

Sick of resorting to crapcasts for your libertarian alternative to the left/right media? The Cody O’Connor Show’s got you covered. Prepare yourself for the most fast-paced, cutting-edge libertarian podcast on the net! With a perfect blend of righteous anger and comedic wit, you will be both informed and entertained. Be sure to get involved by shooting your e-mails to

How does The Cody O'Connor Show beat out other libertarian podcasts and internet radio shows? For one thing, these guys sound like the belong behind a microphone. Other hosts just don't have the personality. They all sound monotonous, and lethargic. We're different. We are peppy, confident, and happy to be here. The show covers the politics, but we're also funny and entertaining, because that's important in a radio show too.

And we're here more often too. Most podcasts will give you a half hour a week, or less. The Cody O'Connor Show does an hour and a half LIVE every Wednesday and Sunday night from 7-9 PM EST. To listen live, go to and find the link to our SHOUTcast server there.

The production quality is professional. No crappy mics, annoying ambiance, horrible leveling, or low quality bit rates. The show sounds as professional as the hosts.

So what are you waiting for? Go here where you can stream, download, and subscribe to the best libertarian podcast on the internet!

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