Saturday, December 23, 2006


It's Christmas

Ho Ho Ho, it's Christmas...... I'm taking the week off. I'll see you all in January, and by the time I come back, my podcast should be up and running. So bye bye for now.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Government and its Place in Society


"NEW YORK (AP) - The Board of Health voted Tuesday to make New York the nation's first city to ban artery-clogging artificial trans fats at restaurants - from the corner pizzeria to high-end bakeries."

What is this? This is not the purpose of our government! The purpose of our government is to defend the people's life, liberty, and property, and to ensure that no one person does anything that impairs another person's life, liberty, and property. They are not there to tell us what we can and cannot eat!

This is just nonsense. Our government has become overly corrupt, overly bloated, and overly powerful. For decades, the government has been making laws on what the people can't do. But there hasn't been any laws on what the government can't do since the Constitution days. What happened to the concerns our founding fathers had over a government with too much power? Even the Federalists would be frowning at how things are going on nowadays. This is not a government of the people, by the people, and for the people anymore! It's a government of the government, by the government, and for the government. It's obvious that they think they are smarter than us, and therefore justified in controlling our lives, even up to what we eat. It is not right that the government has so much more power than the people. The power to take away whatever rights from the people that they want, and give whatever rights to themselves that they want.

If you didn't know, the Bill of Rights is not a document that gives rights to people, but restricts the rights of the government. So if the Constitution is so successful because of that, then perhaps we should see more laws being made that restrict the rights of the government like the Constitution does. We do not need to restrict the rights of the people beyond crimes such as theft and murder. What the government is doing is fabricating crimes. They are prosecuting those who need not be prosecuted, and therefore, not being able to focus on the real criminals! The government needs to uphold their job. They need to prosecute those who are violating the liberties of other people, not pursue victimless crimes. But also, they must look to themselves and ask if what they themselves are doing is right.

Maybe it's the government that is violating the people's life, liberty, and property. And they use their position of power to evade any sort of accountability for their actions.

Here's a story to help illustrate that.


"Deputy Dresses As Elf To Catch Speeders
150 Drivers Ticketed In About 2 Hours"

This is just a sick example of cops just being complete a-holes and trying to hassle you instead of protect you. Think of how many people could be saved by the police if they weren't spending so much time making your life miserable? The fact is, the police are failing in their task of protecting the people because they are too busy with things like the "War on Drugs" and other victimless crimes. But there is no accountability for a failure to do what we the people have hired the government to do.

And what can the people do about it? What? Not too much. It is because the people have been looked at as the problem in society, and the government as the solution, not the other way around. Therefore, thousands of laws are made to make the people accountable for their actions, and little to none have been made to make the government accountable for their actions. If it is true that the government works for us, then why can't we the people tell the government what we need them for? And if they don't meet our expectations, fire them!

I am just sick and tired of the government forgetting what it is there for. They are there to protect your rights to life, liberty, and property. Not to take those rights away.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Global Warming Devastates The Nation

Well, it looks like Al Gore was right. Our globe is warming, and at unbearable rates. Maybe we should have listened. All we had to do was stop smoking and drive Hybrid cars, but noooo, we couldn't handle that. Well look what's happened now you Ozone hating bigot.

As you can see, the city of Chicago has been scorched by a blazing period of raw heat. It was so hot that buildings made of steel had just spontaneously combusted, leaving nothing but white ash.

Meteorologists agree that when Chicago hit 1,525 °C, it had broken the record for the highest recorded temperature ever. Coming in a close second was the fires of Hell.

Unfortunately, the effects of Global Warming have been seen elsewhere too recently. Although this years hurricane season has been the worst of many, what happened in New York brought it to a new level.

Just take a look at the devastation for yourself. It is obvious that the hurricane has brought the tides so high, that the entire New York skyline is completely submerged. The last time New York looked like this was the Paleozoic Era.

It's quite obvious that these two events are just the first chapter in a long and scary book called Global Warming. The readers probably won't like the ending because the main character dies, as well as everyone else. But then again, they won't be alive to read it anyway.

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