Tuesday, January 23, 2007



We have a new podcast up. Make sure you subscribe to it on iTunes, you can find the link for that at codyoconnor.podhoster.com. By subscribing, more people will be able to find the show and help it grow.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Podcast is up!

There are still a few bugs I have to work out but the podcast is now up on the web! You can check it out at http://codyoconnor.podhoster.com/

I'm doing another episode tonight by the way, it should be fun.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Podcast Update

Well, I've finally done my first podcast, but it'll be a little longer before you are able to hear it because I am still waiting for libsyn to activate my account so I can upload my mp3 files.

But once it is up you will have a lot to listen to because we do two hours a week. Wednesdays and Sundays from 7-8 PM ET is when we record new episodes. But it's not live so it will be a little while after that before it's on the web.

I'll admit I probably won't get a chance to update the blog as much because so much time goes into running a good podcast, but I'll try my best.

Anyways, I'll tell you when it's up and I'll explain all of the ways you can hear it. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Here's Public Education For You

It started over a dress code violation, hardly reason enough to throw away an
academic career and certainly no reason to be charged with a felony."I have
goals I want to achieve and this is stopping that," says 17-year old Sabrina
Herndon.Herndon was wearing a jacket and strapless top and was changing in the
girl's locker room at Palm Beach Gardens High School.A teacher noticed the
strapless top which is a dress code violation. Herndon says with the jacket
though, the top is within dress code.A male assistant principal then entered the
girl's locker room, and within minutes Herndon was in a choke hold."He came
behind me and he picked me up with it and he tried to carry me out of the locker
room and then I fell, then he came from under me and choked me a second
time."The question of course is what prompted the assistant principal to resort
to such tactics? Herndon says nothing and says she has witnesses to back her
up."I did nothing wrong to where he had to use physical force. I had no weapons,
I made no threats or anything to him."The school district also has witnesses who
say the assistant principal was justified to use force.They're not telling us
specifically what happened because Herndon is a juvenile. They are saying her
behavior warranted felony battery charges.Herndon says she doesn't understand
why she's the criminal, when she's the one who was choked."It's his word against
mine and mine is being overlooked." Herndon is now facing expulsion and her
college career is in question. A high price to pay for a fashion faux pas."For
the whole thing to go out of proportion over a dress code issue is ridiculous,"
she says.


America as a whole is on its way toward Fascism, but the public education system is already there. School staff has all the power in the world, and students have no rights at all. And it's not just this school, students will agree that every school has become like this. Staff can search your locker and even your car without a warrant, they are the judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to punishment, and what is to be punished doesn't come from a rulebook but from their gut. And now, apparently violent punishment is a-okay.

Will this assistant principal be punished for actions that were blatantly criminal? Of course not. If the government wants to walk into a place where there's supposed to be privacy and strangle a teenage girl based on a trivial rule, then that's okay because they're the government. Besides, by scapegoating this "violator" as the wrongdoer in the situation, they feel justified in what they did and the people just forget what happened.

This is the America me and my fellow students are living in right now. You can laugh when we say school is prison, but is it such a stretch? No. We students need to stay vocal about outrages like this, or else when we enter the real world, we'll find that it has become Fascist as well. It's only a matter of time before the government enlarges itself to this size, and every man, woman, and child is being watched by big brother. And not just watched, but oppressed. We the people must not let this happen to our country.


Don't Play With Guns...Officer

Just leave it to the trained professionals to keep you safe. Serve and protect. By the way, does anyone else find it strange that this DEA officer looks like Bob Marley?

Saturday, January 06, 2007


I'm back

Okay, so I took two weeks off, I didn't plan on it though. I've literally been sick since the day after christmas and am still recovering to date. If you must know what happened, I got my wisdom teeth out the day after Christmas ("gift day") and was soar and in pain for a few days after. But with the surgery taking a hit on my immune system I was prone to about anything. At first I got a fever and then I got a terrible case of the flu. I was unable to keep any liquids down because I was throwing up every hour or two throughout the day and night. By the next morning I had thrown up around 20 times and was completely dehydrated and had to go to the hospital to get an IV. It took two bags of water to the blood stream before I felt better. From there I spent another week just recovering from that, there was a lot of sleep I had to catch up on.

But I'm back, and I plan on blogging again, plus I'm still working on a podcast. Right now I'm still working on the studio. I'd post some pictures but for some reason my computer doesn't recognize my digital camera. Oh well. Right now I've got two computers set up. One to play sound clips and the other to record the show. I have a mixer to take in all of the sounds (the computers SFX, and the microphones) and send them to the other computer to be recorded. Right now I have one mic set up, and am planning on going to radioshack this weekend to get a second one. The third I will probably be borrowing. The hosts of the show will be: me, Robby Miller (if you read the comments you know him) and Mike Mehigan. So what we'll have is a Libertarian, a Conservative, and a Liberal all behind microphones debating politics and whatnot. But we haven't decided on how the tone of the show should be. Nasty debates or lighthearted and humorous discussions. Maybe both.

So that's still on it's way, and I will keep you updated on it.

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